The One Minute Manifesto of The Exhausted Artist

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

One of the reasons there have been few posts on this blog is simply exhaustion. But I have a lot to catch up and blog about and I’ve made a one minute manifesto as part of a symposium in Dundee. And it lives here:- – term is about to resume and hopefully my energy will follow.



One comment on “The One Minute Manifesto of The Exhausted Artist

  1. Chris Dooks’ manifesto, presented as an audio piece amongst the performances, formed one of a chorus of artists’ positions. This is the third ‘cycle’ of one minute manifestos at the AHM State of Play Symposia. One questioned the economics of the artworld, of ‘blood money’ implicated in the purchase of art. Another focused on the questions around human relations with nature, the anthropocene, humility and the sublime. Dooks’ take on health and illness and the role of art, whether in the making or the appreciating, is as a form of triage, perceptual enhancer, cosmological portal. He conjured an image of being able to be ambitious with the means at hand. The tools in Dooks’ bag are tools available to everyone. His ME, though it is a debilitating illness, might also be understood as a requirement to focus on what is sufficient, what is possible within a low energy culture. Dooks’ work doesn’t consume a lot of energy, but it gives/shares a lot.

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