Minimal48 Digital E.P.

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Minimal 48 Digital E.P.

To coincide with Glasgow’s MINIMAL music festival, I spent free time in that weekend, walking around the Merchant City and environs.

During these walks I was using various Max/MSP-like ‘scenes’ available in the ipod/iphone app – the excellent if undernourished “RJDJ” application.

I paid homage to some of the ideas of the minimalists on show at the festival:- Steve Reich, Brian Eno, Philip Glass – and used various toys or these ‘scenes’ as the app describes them, that would be analogous to the working practice of the artist; time signature changes, repetition, and sonic immersion.

Side 1
One of the apps I used was called “World Quantiser” which takes percussive sounds from the ipod/iphone mic, and builds them into very interesting time signatures. I discovered the tolerances of the scene and was able to “play” with it, but using my wedding ring to tap on doors, tables, cutlery, aluminium supports in the loo (!), taps and the sound of ordering a meal in Glasgow’s Arches. And subsequently eating it. After this I pass bagpipe buskers and I played with the idea of walking around them in circles at various distances, to create quite a dense mix of stuttering phrases and it created a nice sonic wall of jagged colour until I walk away. I tipped them heartily by the way.

Side 2
If side one is an homage to Reich, especially his street works, like “Come Out” and “It’s Gonna Rain” then side two is all about inner space and soft warm fuzzy digital detritus. This was constructed using the RJDJ scene named “Eargasm” which is an excellent sound construction that also uses the ipod/iphone sound input as it’s source. Much of the actual sound is hidden under the synth processing, so you hear a kind of warm glowing layer which responds also it seems to the degree of treble in the air. It liked me ripping open the velcro from my wallet and creating metallic pops and crackles, but for the most time it is a warm glow that sounds like big thin sheets of copper being stroked by a wire brush. This scene creates more or less the same palette of sounds wherever you are – my only complaint, but the palette is really nice!

License :-Creative Commons Attribution 3.0


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